Workplace Wisdom #ShareTheLove: Three Best Practices from PHINMA on Valentine Learning Bites

Lin Mukhi, FPM

Teaching employees to expand their insights on the dimensions of love brings deeper meaning to engaging people to build a better workplace. Valentine’s Day gives excellent opportunities to do this.

I am happy to share three things we have done at PHINMA to make the celebration both fun and meaningful. First, in 2018 we promoted learning about the four kinds of love in our wellness communications. The message to young people was that it’s ok not to have a valentine’s date. There is more to love than the romantic aspect of it. The objective is to encourage celebration of community, family, friendship and humanity. Building a culture where humanity is uplifted will lead to a workplace characterized by respect and nurturing relationships.

Second, this year, we highlighted well-being as a by-product of love, self-care and self-expression.

The message is that self- care is neither bad nor selfish, when put in the context of seeking to be a productive member of a community of people serving others. Our call was to Be Your Own Bae! This was an action-point as a result of our health and well-being survey. Encouraging people to make a simple self-assessment was facilitated with infographics from the internet. Easy to do. Educational. Fun. This way, we channeled Valentine’s Day celebrations to teach people to increase awareness of their mental well-being.

Third, the humorous tone on the colors of love circulating around the internet was harnessed to give opportunities for sharing their emotional states. Someone who may be hesitating to speak up about his psychological issues may be encouraged to open up when there is a fun and simple starting point, such as wearing an outfit that declares his state of the heart.

With creative thinking, HR teams do not need a big budget for employee engagement. This Valentine’s day, date or no date, and facing the horrendous traffic on their way home, our employees certainly went home inspired to keep Living Our Vision Everyday, filled with good feelings of cheer and the sense of having been blessed or a blessing to someone that day. That’s all it takes to #ShareTheLove!

Lin Mukhi is Vice President for Human Resources of PHINMA Inc. She is also PMAP 2019 Board Trustee leading the CEO-CHRO Collaboration Committee and Branding and Marketing Committee. Lin is a published author of two books, and has been recognized for her HR leadership both locally and in the Asia Pacific region. Send feedback to Lin via email to

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