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Updated: May 1, 2020

by Sarah Tapel

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place”, said JK Rowling. That room was provided for by the Leadership Development Committee (Leadcom) when it held a free learning session entitled “Value of Mentoring: Stories of how mentoring helped shape the future of HR Leaders” last February 17, 2020. It was an afternoon full of stories, insights and learning where four HR leaders both from the public and private sectors transported the audience back in time as they shared their stories of mentoring experiences - its value and role in shaping the professionals that they are right now.

PMAP Past President Art “Turok” Florentin kick-started the afternoon by providing the theoretical foundation of mentoring. He began his sharing by defining mentoring as a relationship that offers a relaxed and helpful perspective to someone who is looking to grow and develop their skills1. He shared how setting up a mentoring program will benefit both the mentors, mentees and the organization. Mentoring creates a culture that fosters personal and professional growth – where the mentors are focused on helping the mentees grow. Other benefits for the organization include increased leadership role models, accelerated process of identifying high potentials and shared strategic knowledge and skills throughout the organization. He emphasized the different roles a mentor takes on in a mentoring relationship. These are: challenge, elicit, support and impart. According to him, a mentor is a role model, a broker, confidante, protector, and cheerleader all rolled into one.

2018 PMAP Vice President Mitch Guce shared her mentoring and Leadcom story through the different mentor types: the “Pokemon”, whetstone and inverse mentors. The Pokemon mentors are those who turned her into different creatures – from hosting and promoting PMAP events, heading committees and eventually co-leading PMAP side by side Past President Michelle Garcia - Mitch “evolved” into different creatures thanks to her Leadcom mentors. Her whetstone (hasaan) mentors meanwhile were the toughest ones – their critique of her work is likened to a whetstone sharpening a knife. Her inverse mentors, meanwhile, made her finish a 5k race, understood the difference between memes and comic strips, and listened to indie music – a valuable mentoring relationship that kept her young at heart. To her, this is the story she will never be tired to tell.

Nakakaadik mag PMAP”, Beng Orosa, AVP of The SM Stores, told the audience as she candidly shared her mentoring experiences through Leadcom. Beng used to be the PMAP Committee Chair of Ways and Means and was a previous mentee turned mentor. For her, being a mentee only made her more productive at work instead of less, which is a misconception for a few. Her mentoring experiences through the Committee will forever fuel her passion for the HR field.

Another product of Leadcom, Trustee-in-charge Mark Hernandez shares how he believes in servant leadership. To him, serving PMAP as is a way of both giving back and paying it forward at the same time. Just like Beng, Mark’s continued passion for the HR field and PMAP community rooted from his mentoring experiences through Leadcom, which he will forever be grateful for.


About the Writer:

Sarah Tapel, Learning advocate. Head of Learning & Development, COCOGEN Insurance.

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