The Outstanding Workers of the Republic (TOWER) Awards 2019

PMAP served as a partner to the Rotary Club of Manila for the search for the 2019 The Outstanding Workers of the Republic (TOWER) Awards. The TOWER Awards recognize the best non-supervisory blue/white collar workers who have made a difference in their workplaces through their innovations and good values worth emulating by their peers.

PMAP was asked by the Rotary Club of Manila to conduct the screening process for the TOWER Awards similar to how we conduct the search for our own PMAP Awards. Following this process, 19 candidates from all over the country were shortlisted to be visited by the awards committee. After this, 8 finalists were interviewed by a national board of judges and 7 were awarded last June 13, 2019 at the New World Hotel Makati City.

The following TOWER Awardees were recognized:

1. Benigno Nicdao Acacio

· Fleet Heavy Equipment Officer, Manila Water Company, Inc.

· 57 years old from Project 8, Quezon City

Mr. Acacio is one of the pioneers in the Fleet Management Department. Known as a “one-stop man”, Benny is an expert in the operation, maintenance and repair of all light to heavy specialized fleet equipment and is the only Manila Water employee who can operate all kinds of heavy equipment machineries.

Finding better and more efficient ways of doing things, his innovation on the installation of water pipelines for floating pumps at La Mesa Dam using Heavy Equipment has led to more households having continuous water supply and has resulted in 62% decrease in chemical dosing consumption.

He was the grand awardee of the 2018 Huwarang Manggagawa of Manila Water.

2. Roberto Gumaran Duran, Jr.

· Industrial Mechanic, Philippine Coastal Storage and Pipeline Corporation

· 41 years old from Bagabag, Sto. Tomas, Isabela province

Mr. Duran takes charge ofasset maintenance and repair such as pipline valves, meters, and pumps. He has helped develop new techniques which imposes the importance of safety at work. One of the innovations he has initiated is the implementation of the application of carbon filter to reduce the fumes of gasoline tanks. This was a low-cost solution that provided great protection for people and the environment.

He was awarded as one of the 2018 Ten Most Outstanding Freeport Employees.

3. Isaiah John Valenzuela Duyag

· 31 years old from Calamba, Laguna

· Mechanic I, Nestle Philippines Tanauan Factory

IJ has led several initiatives for the Nestle Tanauan Factory since 2017 such as the Modification of Misdosing @ MESPACK which has reduced the number of machine stoppages from 159 hours to 48 hours leading to additional production hours and reduced packaging material and powder loss. This has also led to an established routine standard for all technicians and operators and has corrected sources of powder leaks and improved hard to reach places reducing operators’ cleaning time and quality issues.

Because of his contributions, IJ has been sent to Germany in 2018 with the responsibility to lead the Factory Acceptance Test for the filling machine that the factory bought. On his return, he led the installation of the machine which is now producing powdered milk in pouches.

4. Gerald A. Taguiam

· Technical Services Engineer, SIA Engineering Philippines

· 28 years old from Bataan

Gerald belongs to a company that deals with highly technical with safety being the top priority in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircrafts. His innovations such as the Automated Weight and Balance Computation, 3D Repairs, and Pre-programmed SRM Assessment SRM IS Structural Repair Manual have led to less time and effort in computing the weight and balance, better understanding of the hows and whys and has created a better manner of applied repairs, and has shortened the three-day assessments into a half-day assessment.

His innovations have increased the number of accomplished tasks in the company by 60-70%, assured the correctness of results by 100%, enhanced compliance by 100% and have created a dramatic decrease on resource wastage.

5. Johnny Saril Talaban

· 33 years old from Negros Occidental

· Metering and Substation Technician, Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative

Johnny’s innovation on the Modified External Control on Protection Relays of Valladolid, Overflow and Cauayan Substations has made the relays more user-friendly and easier to troubleshoot during electrical failures. This has also increased the system’s reliability, shortened durations of power interruptions and increased revenue.

Johnny is a registered Master Electrician and was awarded as the Best Employee of NOCECO in 2019. He is recognized as a flexible employee who goes beyond the call of duty in his line of work.

6. Allan Castillo Unabia

· 43 years old from Carmona, Cavite

· Production Operator (Sachet Filling Line), Wyeth Philippines Inc.

Allan may be differently-abled as he contracted polio when he was young, but despite this, he is one of the Subject Matter Experts in filling operations. He is reliable and is often designated as the officer-in-charge (OIC) when his superiors are not around. His innovation of Centerline and Fine Tuning of Fuji Filler Parameter Settings have standardized operational parameters and reduced overfills by 79%.

He is recognized in his company as he received the following recognitions: 2017 Exemplar of Leadership (Nestle Philippines), Top 1 for One Point Lesson (OPL), Top Tagger, and Canlubang Leadership Award for Superior Service (CLASS).

7. John Robert V. Uy

· 35 years old from Baguio City

· Manufacturing Engineer II, Moog Controls Corporation

Robert has been with Moog Controls Corporation for over 10 years and is an expert on deburring, being the company’s first deburring engineer. This expertise played a vital role in the B787 and A350 Manifold development and industrialization. He is also very active in Lean Management Systems joining most of the Kaizen events in the company.

As he never stops to develop new techniques and improve current processes to help his other operators, he submitted three projects for process improvement: Process Standard Work Creation and Implementation on Sub-Assembly Process, and Non Conformance Reduction Associated with Position/Location Defects of CB02560-002 Manifold and Creation of Standard Work for Inspection After Deburr Process. These innovations have helped save the company’s resources by PHP 3.3M annually.

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