The Leader as an Innovator: Looking Back at My 2019 with PMAP

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

by Lin Mukhi, FPM

The work of a PMAP Trustee calls for an innovative mind in order to pursue successfully our True North directions. Year after year, our association moves forward facing more challenges and changes, and so we need to be agile, adaptable and creative. An innovative mind does not necessarily seek spectacular disruption. Rather, it seeks to understand the context for improvement and endeavors to make a difference in ways that are collaborative and enduring. The spirit of service calls for getting into action which will build on what has been already achieved, in the most professional manner.

This is my internal framework for my work as a CHRO in my company, PHINMA. It is the mindset that I brought last year to my role in the Board of Trustees of PMAP, as I handled the CEO-CHRO Collaboration Committee, Branding and Marketing Committee and the People Manager Magazine. Creativity and innovation springs from insights, the drive to find solutions to further develop situations and great passion for finding new ways to deliver results.

The 2019 People Manager Magazine

Last year, we revived the People Manager Magazine by producing two printed issues and 10 online issues. The new logo, layout and graphics of the magazine say “We are evolving!” We had an expanded set of contributors, a highly diverse mix of PMAP stalwarts like PP Barbie Atienza, PP Obet Policarpio, Orlando Zorilla, DPM as well as young future leaders like Sarah Tapel of Coco Gen and Lara Madredia of PHINMA. Seasoned writers like Raju Mandhyan, Dina Loomis and Jocelyn Pick graced the issues too. With gratefulness for their service, we gave recognition to our hardworking PMAP Professional Staff with features on the much-loved Carol Alcances, Sarah Niguas, Richard Mamuyac and the rest of the PS Team. I am proud to say that we sustained the magazine from January to December, with the partnership of the PS IT Team led by Jeffrey Palma (who produced the Christmas issue while on break)!

The online issues got a boost too with infographics and videos featuring talks and interviews. We captured the content and sense of immediacy of the messages of 2019 President Gerry Plana during GMMs and fora. The e-blast mirrored these improvements on the online version with its more engaging lay-out. Truly, the richness of the 2019 PMM captured the thrust of Delivering HR That Matters: Today and Tomorrow!

Branding and Marketing Partnerships

The Outside-In approach will help PMAP to endure and create more value for the business community. We need to keep thinking expansively and pursue connections that will immerse us in the minds of our counterparts in professional associations. With this intent, we created opportunities to build bridges through our GMMs and tie-ups. Our June GMM was a partnership with the Nordic Chamber, Philippine Chamber of Commerce, IT and Business Process Association, and Philippine Society for Talent Development. ITBPAP loved it and we had a very successful follow through GMM with them last October! We also partnered with the International Coach Federation for their Coaching Summit, The Filipina CEO Circle for the Women’s Forum, the Association of Image Consultants, as well as retained the annual joint GMM with the Management Association of the Philippines.

These are just some highlights as we commit to keep looking for ways to increase demand for the value that PMAP brings. A marketing approach is key for the association to tap resources for imagining new pathways for HR leaders. We learn from seeing ourselves the way other leaders view us. By tuning in to what’s going on with the business community, we will achieve sustainable growth. And, let’s dream of exponential growth!

CEO-CHRO Collaboration

Our advocacy for HR goes beyond being a strategic business partner, to becoming the most valued partner of the CEO in driving business growth. How do we make this happen? In the CEO-CHRO Collaboration sessions, we talked about the evolving role of the CHRO. As a result of the discussions, we declare that HR owns Organization Capability. HR answers the question of "how will the organization accomplish strategy through people?" Realizing that most HR practitioners still need to develop business acumen, we also had a game session with Celemi on how we can execute better with sharp decisions and a CEO-mindset. We connected CHROs and CEOs in dialogues and reinforced our position as the premier organization for people managers and leaders.

Here are three thoughts I believe we should remember on our 2020 journey.

1. Stay curious about how we can keep innovating to be an enabler of growth.

2. Encourage thinking aloud, exploring answers and a sense of moving together.

3. Enjoy quality partnerships that invigorate us and make our growth journey fulfilling.


About the writer:

Lin Mukhi, FPM is PMAP’s 2020 Vice-President. She is also Vice- President for Human Resources of Philippine Investment Management Inc. (PHINMA).

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