The Critical Role of HR Leaders Amidst the Pandemic

By Gilbert S. Gatdula

Senior Manager for TQM & Learning, Dusit Thani Manila

2020 PMAP Leadcom Mentee

The number of cases of the COVID-19 in the Philippines and worldwide continues to plummet at an all time high. This poses a great stress to everyone -- even HR Business partners are not spared.

How do we live during these uncertain times? How do prepare for the new normal? These and many more were all answered in the third learning session of the PMAP Leadership committee entitled "The Critical Role of HR leaders Amidst the Pandemic."

Last July 6, 2020, 60 persons (and 3 paid attendees) participated in this live webinar. The session opened with a fun ice breaker headed by one of its 2020 mentees Jemai Gomez. Additionally, another 2020 mentee, Lawrence Co was the host for the day.

The first speaker was Angeline "Lin" Mukhi, FPM -- 2020 Vice President of PMAP and Vice President for Human of the PHINMA group. VP Lin discussed timely strategies for change and how to respond proactively to the challenges brought about by the pandemic. Attendees got excited with the several best practices she shared. She concluded with a moving statement -- We are resilient and #togetherwecan.

The final speaker was Mr. Roberto "Obet" Policarpio, 2015 - PMAP President and currently the HR Manager for Organizational Development and Training of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation. Everyone was inspired and deeply encouraged with the leadership truths he enumerated on how to successfully thrive during such a challenging time! Not only were these sessions informative, it was also fostering each attendee that they are not alone -- and we are on the same boat. It was a fruitful day indeed!

PMAP continues to carry on with its online learning sessions for its mentees under the Future Leaders Program. Concurrently, mentees are now part of a mentoring session with PMAP's esteemed leaders to further their skills in HR. Though we are living with the unprecendented times, the value of learning together (even online) is what makes this season enjoyable and fun. PMAP is committed to support HR business partners and its stakeholders during this time. After all, we are confident that we will thrive and survive together.


About the Writer:

Gilbert S. Gatdula

Senior Manager for TQM & Learning, Dusit Thani Manila

2020 PMAP Leadcom Mentee

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