Strategy and Execution: Forging Stronger Collaboration

Lin M. Mukhi, FPM

Our advocacy for HR goes beyond being a strategic business partner, to becoming the most valued partner of the CEO in driving business growth. How do we make this happen? At the CEO-CHRO Collaboration Forum held by PMAP, we talked about the evolving role of the CHRO. Josiah Go, highly esteemed marketing guru, discussed how in the business model, the offering model is owned by marketing, the operating model is owned by operations, while finance controls the revenue and cost model. The question is what does HR own as part of the business model or business strategy formulation?

Together with HR leaders like PMAP President Gerry Plana and multi-awarded entrepreneur and thought-leader Josiah Go, we invited CEOs and CHROS to a forum to gain further clarity and unity on the answer. As a result of the discussions, we declare that HR owns Organization Capability. HR answers the question of "how will the organization accomplish strategy through people?"

In Josiah’s framework, the 3Cs of Capability are competencies + coordination + commitment. Competencies are starting points, which must be actualized into results, fueled by coordination and set on fire by commitment. The 5 infrastructures to push capability - leadership, structure, system, people, rewards, are all areas in which competitiveness must be pushed by HR, in order for the company to realize excellent outcomes.

Consider the 3 Cs of execution - Constituents, Critical tasks and Capability. Constituents are defined in the Mansmith model as Customers, Employees and Owners. Josiah emphasizes that the CEOs role is to make sure communication of critical tasks is made clear to these people groups. HR must ensure that capability to execute the critical tasks is present. To achieve this, HR must function in such a way that it serves as the integrator of the execution plan.

To equip the CHRO to lead execution, and as a foundation for stronger collaboration, the development plan for anyone to become CHRO should include acquiring depth of business knowledge, with at least 6 months to 1 year assignments in front business and operations roles; aside from the usual assignments rotating within specialized HR functions.

How will the CEO advance the business with stronger collaboration across functions and externally, with other industries? Complex, highly sophisticated teams have the highest potential for success; as well as for creating blocks to collaboration due to an independent mindset. To meet this challenge, each CEO must develop signature practices appropriate for his business that will foster stronger collaboration. In this endeavor, the CHRO serves as the valued partner on developing the signature practices of the organization, which become hallmarks of the employer brand, and internalized by each employee to become part of his personal brand.

The 38 participants of 18 CEOs, 12 CHROs and 8 C-level Business Heads who joined the forum generously shared their wisdom and depth of insight on the topic. We heard from CEOs from diverse industries and enjoyed the lively interaction!

From left to right, IPG Media Brands CEO Venus Navalta, Mansmith and Fielders Chair Josiah Go, PMAP President Gerry Plana, Merck Phils CEO Ramonito Tampos, MFT Group CEO Mika Tan, Union Bank of the Philippines CEO, Edwin Bautista, Ayala Foundation President Ruel Maranan, PMAP Board Trustee and PHINMA VP – HR Lin Mukhi, Grant & Thornton Chair and CEO Marivic Espano, Celemi Partner Victor Magdaraog.

Intense discussions at the tables with Connecting Mavens CEO Rowen Untiveros, Healthway Marketing VP Carmie P. de Leon, Synchrony Global COO Paul Wheatley, JG Summit CHRO Nic Lim, John Clements Managing Director Mario Biscocho and Bounty Chicken CHRO Atty. Nedo Sasing.

Light moments too as Lin Mukhi facilitated the discussion. In photo are Kick Fire Kitchen consultant and former BPI CHRO Faye Corcuera, and Union Bank CEO Edwin Bautista.

Great networking opportunities at the forum, truly a time well-spent for these C-level leaders!

Integration of the forum was superbly done by PMAP President Gerry and FEU Chair and former BPI CEO Gigi Montinola.

More photos via Facebook #CEOCollaboration and this link:


Lin Mukhi is Vice President for Human Resources of PHINMA Inc. She is also PMAP 2019 Board Trustee leading the CEO-CHRO Collaboration Committee and the Branding and Marketing Committee. Lin is a published author of two books, and has been awarded for HR leadership both locally and in the Asia Pacific region. Send feedback to Lin via email to

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