Stop and P.R.A.Y.

Updated: May 4, 2020

by Dorelene V. Dimaunahan, MScM, CFE, CMA, CHRP

This entire April has definitely paved way for changes in our daily routine. In the past, this is when we enjoy our summer vacation at the beach, indulge in a staycation, become a tourist in a foreign country and of course, engage in our own holy week practices.

The COVID-19 has definitely resulted in grief and pressure around the world, especially for government leaders and agencies, business owners, employees, students, and most especially to our dear frontliners, who continue to serve during this pandemic, amidst uncertainty and danger.

In my previous article, I asserted that there is hope for micro and small enterprises, as well as social entrepreneurs, thanks to large businesses, government programs, and collaboration among fellow small and medium entrepreneurs.

With the extension of the enhanced community quarantine until May 15, 2020, we have more days to ourselves and our loved ones. On a positive note, this gives us more time to do things that we don’t usually get to do, when we were once busy with work or school, lining up to catch a public utility vehicle or PUV, booking a Grab or Angkas, or getting stuck in heavy traffic along major roads.

Now the question is, HOW can we make the most out of the ECQ? Try your best to STOP absorbing negative thoughts or fears and P.R.A.Y.






At this point in time, you are at home with your loved ones. They may be family, friends, or even your pets! Take this time to enjoy each other’s company and “actually” be with them. Join them during meals, start an interesting conversation, and intently listen or pay close attention. Indeed, this will make this time memorable for everyone.

For pet owners, try to teach your pets new tricks. And yes, do not forget to reward them with their favorite treat too!


Regardless of your profession, taking time to reflect has been one of the last things on our “to do” list. However, reflection is very important, as it allows us to explore and examine ourselves, our attributes, experiences, actions, and even our interactions.

There are many ways to reflect or several tools (such as the use of a Vision Board or a SWOT analysis) that can help us begin. You may opt to use these tools or simply grab a pen and paper. These simple steps serve as a reflection guide:

1) Look back at a situation or an experience

2) Assess the events that happened during that particular experience

3) Identify what you have learned from the situation

4) Plan what you will do the next time around

Another way to reflect is to write down a list of strengths that you have and opportunities that you can make the most of, after the quarantine period. In this way, you are already planning your next steps and feeling much better after this exercise.


This age of digitization has led to marvelous digital products and services ranging from the development of mobile applications, formation of online groups, rise of virtual conferences and much more!

COVID-19 has further strengthened innovation and collaboration in the digital world. In this way, we are all “connected” in one way or another – to our loved ones who are far from us, or to “new” friendships we have made – all with the single goal of ending this pandemic.

Now is the perfect time to choose and join online groups that best fit your personality or take part in free courses and webinars, where you can gain more knowledge from. Note that some course providers give Certificates too! While not everyone is open to expressing their thoughts out loud, do not worry. Online platforms allow you to participate by joining “chatrooms” during these online events.


Yes, we are going through this unlikely situation, but we definitely have to face the pressure. One thing is for sure. Once this “war” is over, you will turn out to be a better and more resilient person.


At this point, some may have already questioned their faith. However, we have also witnessed miracles, as exemplified by COVID-19 struck patients worldwide, who have been healed. Upon hearing their testimonials, one thing is common – they have turned to Him and prayed.

For the first time in history, Pope Francis celebrated Palm Sunday Mass alone in St. Peter’s Basilica. People all over the world joined this spectacular event in their homes, by listening to the radio, watching television, or via live streaming using social media platforms. In the words of Pope Francis:

“Today, in the tragedy of a pandemic, in the face of the many false securities that have now crumbled, in the face of so many hopes betrayed, in the sense of abandonment that weighs upon our hearts, Jesus says to each one of us: ‘Courage, open your heart to my love. You will feel the consolation of God who sustains you.”


About the writer:

Dorelene V. Dimaunahan, MScM, CFE, CMA, CHRP has been handling various business portfolios for 12 years, some of which she is a Director of and has held an Executive Position. She is also an author, a host/anchor and a faculty member of Ateneo De Manila University (John Gokongwei School of Management - Leadership and Strategy), De La Salle University (College of Business - Decision Sciences and Innovation Department), University of Asia and the Pacific School of Management (School of Management) and Center for Culinary Arts.

As a consultant and mentor, Dorelene specializes in various entrepreneurship and management areas for small and medium-scale enterprises and social enterprises, such as but not limited to, business startup, setup and expansion, strategic planning, internal audit, and corporate governance, franchise management, organizational development, events/project/portfolio management, contract negotiations, human resources development, management accounting and financial analysis, market research, paralegal and government compliance work, systems documentation and process improvement, to name a few.

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