Recognizing A Great PMAP Team Member: RICHARD MAMUYAC

Richard Mamuyac, PMAP's AIHRM Head since 2017

‘Astig’ is a Tagalog slang word from the inversion of the syllables in the word tigas (meaning: hard, tough).  What it means to be one can best be answered by Richard.  Being astig today is not just about being cool.  It also involves resilience. Dry humor sometimes also referred to as deadpan, is a form of comedic delivery in which something humorous is said or done by a person, while not exhibiting a change in emotion or facial expression.  His handle as a blogger is Astig Machismis. Richard is astig who delivers dry humor…on a daily basis. Richard is a certified thug and has every intention to be one in life in general. Former Managing Editor of PMAP’s monthly publication People Manager Magazine and also handled the Media and Communications committee (MACC) of the association. A blogger.  A writer in the Philippine Daily Inquirer in his business column “Rambling” and formerly an entertainment writer for the Philippine Star and sports writer for Marianas Variety while working as an OFW in Saipan.  Currently, he is the Head for the Asian Institute of Human Resource Management since December 2017.  With all the load assigned to him, he never complains, requires very minimal supervision. Richard presents ideas and takes initiatives in doing research, planning activities for MACC.  Amid pressures and stressful situations, Richard always maintains his composure.  He is very patient and shows a lot of respect for the PMAP officers and his colleagues as well. Richard contradicts himself as astig and transitions as a softie hubby to Leah and daddy to Charles.  He truly endears himself with family, with friends, and with PMAP. The Professional Staff certainly adores him due to his multi-image identity.     Richard is an anak ng Pasig, a graduate of University of the East with a degree in Bachelor of Arts Science in Communication and Media Studies, and he has been a PMAP Professional Staff since 2008.  He always has the best interest of PMAP in all his actions and recommendations.   Let’s give a cheer for Richard and the rest of the PS Team!

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