Project "Gear-Up PMAP Mindanao" Virtual Learning Series Ends Well

All’s well that ends well” is an apt phrase to paint a picture of the overall success of Project: Gear-up PMAP Mindanao – an HR learning series professionally designed to keep people managers in Mindanao area updated and ready to face the challenges of managing employees under the new and varied work arrangements.

The different chapters of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) in Mindanao headed by Mindanao Trustee and Cagayan de Oro Chapter President Josette Mercedes B. Cellona of HealthCheck Clinic and Diagnostic Center believed that its members needed some kind of retooling to make them competent to effectively contribute to the performance of their companies especially in this difficult time brought about by the pandemic.

One of the speakers in the learning series, the famous and most sought-after Francis Kong said that while everything is uncertain, the companies are still expected to deliver products and services as usual. And this is a tall order to management. In order to live up to the expectations, HR managers should know how to help employees perform while working from home, working on skeletal force, and other form of work arrangements.

In partnership with 2014 Cagayan de Oro Chapter President and 2014 Mindanao Trustee Dr. Wing Magdale-Pike who is now the Managing Director of Winning Principles LCC based in Florida, USA, PMAP Mindanao’s project “Gear-up PMAP Mindanao” was launched after a series of virtual meetings, several consultations, lots of brainstorming and conceptualizing, exchange of emails and value propositions.

The most challenging part of the project was the sourcing-out of valued speakers. It was a real challenge especially in projects that has no seed money to shell out. But the money issue did not stop PMAP- Mindanao and Winning Principles LLC as partner co-creators from making it happen with a resounding success. It was proof of the saying that “our best comes out in times of adversities”.

Recognizing the efforts and charisma of Dr. Wing Magdale-Pike, the project was able to get the commitment of 6 high-calibre speakers of highly in-demand topics without cost, at all.

As a result, 438 human resource practitioners and leaders, people leaders and managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs and business leaders from the different PMAP Mindanao chapters of Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Iligan, Zamboanga del Norte, Caraga, Bukidnon, Ozamis, Socsksargen and members and officers from PMAP National were able to benefit from the maiden virtual learning series in Mindanao.

Topics were “Top HR Competencies Every HR Practitioner Must Have While Gearing-up” by Mr. Casto Ignacio (June 26), “Alternative Work Arrangements for Post Covid New Normal” and “Labor Laws Under the New Normal” by Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez (July 3), “Communicating with Presence” and “Bridging Insights” with Mr. Joselito S. Flores and Mr. Obet M. Policarpio respectively (July 10), “Engaging Employees On-site and Virtual” by Dr. Carsten Evers (July 16), “Leading in Times of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity(V.U.C.A)” by Mr. Francis Kong (July 23).

It was rewarding to note that the PMAP-Mindanao members came and learned together via a technology-enabled platform while other professionals in medical and other fields are busy devising strategies to flatten the curve of Covid-19. “It was business as usual for people managers because we just cannot stop leading our employees and addressing their needs”, Mindanao Trustee Josette Cellona said.

In fact PMAP-Mindanao and Winning Principles were lauded by one of the series speakers, Atty. Josephus Jimenez because while other chapters in the Philippines are busy into taking care of the “ayuda” (assistance), PMAP-Mindanao chose to take care of the competence of its members.

Because of the overwhelming success and the positive feedback from the participants, the organizers are looking forward to maintaining the project with the shared belief that learning is not a single-shot event but a continuing and life-long process. (PMAP-Mindanao Press Release)

Participants posed with Mr. Casto Ignacio (far left, 5th row), speaker on learning series #1 on the topic Top HR Competencies Every HR Practitioner Must Have While Gearing-up”.

PMAP CDO president and Mindanao trustee Ms. Josette Mercedes B. Cellona, RN (left) and Dr. Wilma G. Magdale-Pike (far right), former PMAP CDO president and Mindanao Trustee and founder of Winning Principles, LLC in Florida, USA flanks learning series #2 speaker, Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez (middle).

Participants posed with Mr. Joselito Flores (far left, 2nd row), speaker on learning series #3 on the topic Communication with Presence”.

Participants posed with Mr. Obet Policarpio (2nd to the left, 2nd row), speaker on learning series #3 on the topic Bridging Insights”.

Participants posed with Dr. Carsten Evers (far left, 1st row), speaker on learning series #4 on the topic “Engaging Employees On-site and Virtual

Participants posed with Mr. Francis Kong (3rd to the left, 1st row), speaker on learning series #5 on the topic “Leading in Times of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity (V.U.C.A)”.

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