President's Message: #BridgingTheHRGAP

I believe there are several gaps within the HR Community that need to be bridged and closed.

Recently, I was exposed to academe when I was asked to teach an MBA Class. I learned that some schools are experiencing declining enrollment for their HR courses. This, to me, is alarming as it will lead to an HR skills gap. PMAP must take action on this issue. We need to work closely with schools to promote HR as an exciting and noble profession, and hence a profession of choice. Declining enrollment could be the result of lack of knowledge of HR as a profession. We need a strategy to promote HR through role models, forming strong partnerships between academe and industry, and informing the next working generation about the critical role of HR.

Another gap is the quality of HR education. Bridging theory and practice when it comes to teaching HR to students. This was already a concern of mine in 2018 so our board led by President Michelle Garcia began to address it. We launched a CSR program where the first group of HR professors from various schools attended a 10-day training program facilitated by experienced HR practitioners and consultants. This program became an avenue for academe, practitioners and consultants to have meaningful dialogue about the enrichment of the HR curriculum. I believe PMAP should be able to scale this up by reaching out to more HR professors throughout the country in order to have a greater impact.

Gap number 3 is the HR image. How we would like HR to be perceived by CEOs. I believe HR should be the most important function in the organization in the eyes of CEOs. We have to set our sights higher. We should not be content with just getting a seat at the table, so new competencies will have to be acquired.

We can bring back a new and improved HR toolbox and HR Point of View portions during GMMs to strengthen our HR foundation and provide insights in delivering HR solutions that matter to the business. I would like to generate continuing conversations on the pressing HR questions of the day and publish the insights.

These are the gaps I am passionate about bridging and closing. Increasing enrollment in HR courses give us the required numbers, enriching HR teachers' knowledge ensures HR students are taught well and pursuing the aspiration of being the most important function in the organization will ensure a continuous pipeline of competent HR professionals who can truly be called strategic business partners.

Addressing these gaps will truly make us a preeminent HR organization because we take good care of HR today and tomorrow.

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