President's Corner: The National HR Agenda

The National HR Agenda initiative of PMAP represents our collective desire to contribute to national development, at its foundational level, the proposed national HR agenda should look into necessary revisions to our existing labor code which was crafted in the 70s. The environment has radically changed since then. Today, we talk about talent wars and artificial intelligence as machines take over repetitive jobs and people shift to more knowledge-based and creative jobs. Under these circumstances, as human contributions become more unique and valuable, it is possible to think of management and labor’s interests not necessarily in conflict, if this is the case, then the revised labor code given this change in philosophy, should have an entirely different set of rules and regulations.

On another level, the national HR agenda should propose a workforce development plan for the country. This plan should clearly state how we will educate and employ Filipinos. It is good to note that PMAP is part of the national Industry Academe Council working with other business and academic institutions in crafting the Philippines’ workforce development plan.

For 2019, it is PMAP’s commitment to lay the foundation for the development of the National HR Agenda. On the labor code, we continue to have massive consultations on getting ideas on labor code revisions. We hope to complete this before the end of this year. In the succeeding years, PMAP should invite partners and allies so that together we can have a stronger voice for our advocacy.

On developing the country’s workforce development plan, we will continue to work with 25 other business and academic institutions in pursuing our collective aspiration for the country.

I enjoin every PMAPer to support our national HR agenda programs.

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