A heartwarming message to PMAP members

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Dear readers of People Manager Magazine,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the current editorial board spearheaded by Trustee Lin Mukhi for their ongoing commitment to the standards to which the People Manager Magazine aspires. During the last eleven months, these board members have handled major and substantial submissions that are content-wise and worth reading. As a result, we have significantly expanded our pool of partners and readers.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we will pursue a publication space that features special issues of national interest. Our intention with such is to engage our readers on national issues affecting the current and future well-being of the Filipino people.

During president Gerry Plana’s leadership, significant milestones have been made. A series of fora with various industries, Congress, DOLE and its attached agencies sealed the inclusion of two major criteria such as gender equality and family-responsive practices to the PMAP Awards program. The Annual Conference under vice president Loi Echevarria and now president-elect provided an opportunity for the Center for Research and Publications to present the scientific study on “Implications of a Family-Responsive Programs and Policies to Employees’ Productivity”. The said research was made possible through a grant awarded by Investing in Women and the Australian government.

We would also like to thank the Labor Policy Reforms and Industrial Relations (LPRIR) Committee spearheaded by Trustee Efren B. Alberto and Chairperson Atty. Eliseo “Jon” Zuniga, for creating pathways to strengthen our networks with the Department of Labor and Employment, House of Representatives and Senate. This year has been a busy year for the LPRIR Committee in such a way that committee members take turns in attending all technical working group and committee meetings.

Notably, increasing our sphere of influence is a collaborative work done not only by our leaders but by those who preferred to work silently. Nevertheless, their silent work has done great impact to the association. Hence, this space will not be silent by giving credits to the people who worked hard and helped the association become what it is now. Special thanks to our Executive Director for continuously building networks with key influencers and change-makers. Your extensive experience in the business of people management introduced us to key players - Investing in Women, STEM Plus International, ECCP, Tower Awards of Rotary Club of Manila and SEAF in Singapore are just a few of the many influencers you brought to PMAP.

We are also grateful to Past President Bong Austero for his talent, wisdom and in providing content in the annual conference. Your depth of understanding people management significantly made PMAP’s annual conference the biggest HR event in the country. We would also like to thank the Media and Communications Committee chaired by Ms. Ellen Fullido for her consistent and credible manner of providing guidance.

PMAP has gone a long way this year but all of us are forever grateful to the person we always run to – Ms. Pearly Mangcoy, your presence and positive disposition is an energy booster. You have been so generous of your time, talent and resources, one of the finest PMAPer by far!

Above all, we are grateful to God that such generosity was put in the hearts of his people. We thank You for your kindness, mercy, patience and love. We are unworthy of these all, yet you chose to let us meet people who can help us do the work you asked from us. Glory belongs to you!

And with such a broad base of support we, the professional staff, are now in great spirit to further improve the quality of services for 2020 and onwards. We aim for even higher standards in all aspects of the association’s management and operations.

We look forward to work with all of you as we continue to make PMAP reach greater heights!

Pressing onwards,

The PMAP Professional Staff

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