PMAP LeadCom Program: Shaping the HR Leaders of Tomorrow

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Penny Herrera

A mentor is technically defined as a “trusted counselor or guide.” In the recent development of the HR practice, the definition of mentor has been expanded to “someone with more experience than you and provides advice to the mentee specifically in their career.”

Mentorship is the heart and soul of the PMAP Leadership Development Committee or LeadCom. It is a comprehensive mentorship program for future PMAP and HR Leaders. This program was conceived 20 years ago with the vision to develop future leaders who will have the competence and character to inspire and drive results that would impact PMAP and the field of People Management as a whole.

PMAP members who have taken advantage of the LeadCom Program are reaping the rewards by investing their time and effort in completing the program which is designed to develop future HR leaders.

The LeadCom Program has 3 Major Channels of Mentorship: The formal learning sessions, mentorship with a senior PMAP member and immersion in a PMAP committee.

The mentees attend formal learning sessions on various topics from Strategic Human Resources, Change Management and Finance for HR practitioners. A mentee is also assigned a mentor who is usually a PMAP past president or a highly experienced HR Practitioner. When I was a LeadCom mentees two years ago, I considered myself fortunate to have been a mentee of Mr. Freddie Marquez, DPM who was a Past President of PMAP and also a recipient of the People Manager of the Year award.

Finally, the immersion program with a PMAP committee engages the mentee into the association. Several committees exist in PMAP such as the PMAP Awards, Annual Conference, Media & Communications, Academe-Industry Linkage and of course, the Branding and Marketing Committee where the People Manager Magazine is a part of. The committees enable the mentees to practice their key learnings from the sessions and mentorship as well as build their networks among fellow HR Practitioners.

After being a part of this program poses the question - did the additional hours and weekends invested in engaging in the learning, mentoring and immersion pay off?

One of the LeadCom graduates, Ericson Del Castillo, General Manager for HR of Nissan Philippines Inc. says “The LeadCom mentoring program paved the way for me to expand my network, accelerated my development and broadened my perspective as an HR practitioner to a business leader”

Malcom Gladwell in his book Outliers best describes how much investment we need in terms of time to master our craft. He said “It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert.” 10,000 hours is actually around 4 years if we spend 8 hours a day in activities that develop us professionally.

We should therefore start investing time in mastering our craft and in the HR profession, the PMAP LeadCom program is one of the most effective ways of developing both HR competence and leadership skills.

Looking forward, what is in store for the PMAP LeadCom this year? Fredy Primicias, AFPM, the incumbent committee chairperson for 2019 enumerates the 3 priorities of Leadcomm to continue pursuing the achievements of the past committee leaders:

1. Champion the PMAP value proposition to serve the HR community

2. Develop high potential PMAP members and use LeadCom as the incubation phase

3. Utilize the mentoring capabilities of past PMAP presidents and Fellows in People Management to mold future PMAP leaders.

Almost all HR Leaders would raise their hand if asked if they had a mentor that guided them in the HR and Leadership journey. Through the PMAP Leadcomm, and its dedicated leadership and committee members more HR Practitioners are molded and developed into excellent HR Leaders that contribute to the industry and ultimately in the progression of the Filipino talent.


Penny Herrera has 18 years of HR experience and has performed human resource management generalist functions handling different facets. She is currently connected with SM Retail and is co-founder of an HR Consultancy, Mindtap People Solutions with specializes in assisting SMEs.

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