PMAP 2020: People-Inspired, Heart-Driven, Tech-Enabled Organization

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

by President Louisa Mila Echevarria, FPM

This year 2020 will mark another milestone in the history of PMAP. The past forty-four (44) presidents have served so well to the cause that our forebears have handed down to us. PMAP has become what it is today because of our leaders and the whole community’s intentional dedication and undying commitment to uphold the value of creating a better workplace where everyone thrives. My mandate as the 45th president is to not only continue the tradition but to bring it to a higher level of purposeful leadership.

Everything around us is marked by uncertainties, rapid changes, complexities and challenges. Yet, the other side of the spectrum shows structure, order and extensive opportunities waiting to be maximized by our human capabilities. This year’s theme, “PMAP 2020: People-Inspired, Heart-Driven, Tech-Enabled Organization” speaks of a worldview that gives importance to the inner and outer orbit in which we all live – the self, our “kapwa”, values, relationships, family, people, community, organizations, industries, jobs, systems, processes and technologies. It is the skill of reason and sensibility of humanity that all transformation or societal movement were gradually or sporadically undertaken. Our society has been moving because of so many factors but behind all these movement or transformation is our people.

The structure of a society is always a work of reason and an interplay of sensibility. Organizations have been bombarded by too many technological innovations. Big organizations are spearheading technological developments. Start-up companies are introducing novel ideas that challenge the status quo. The young generation have become digital natives and mavens while the old generation are forced to live with what has become of the society today. Amidst all these developments, we must find and understand what is at the core. Sometimes, we struggle to make sense of the things that are beyond the grasps of human understanding. How do we begin to bridge the heart and mind when dealing with the perplexing issues that confronts us today? How do we begin to connect or dovetail the soft and hard issues of life itself? Antoine De Saint Exupery, author of “The Little Prince” once said, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye”. What our heart echoes must makes sense in our daily lives. Come to think of this, technology is not bad at all. In fact, we all need this to accomplish specific tasks in an efficient manner. However, is it enough to make decisions or transformations based on felt realities rather than reasonable realities? Are our systems, processes, platforms or policies adhere to what is called universal values? No matter how advance an organization has become, people are still drawn to what we call the essentials of life - kindness, empathy, respect, humility, mindfulness and above all, let us remember the very core which is LOVE. Without such, we all become hollow.

As your president, I will implore every PMAP member to embrace both worlds. As we adapt new forms of putting order in this world, and as we start using all forms of technological innovations in our daily lives, let us not forget we are, after all, human beings with needs that cannot be addressed by any form of technology. Let us remember that we have employees with children waiting for their working parents to come home at the dinner table; there are adolescents waiting for their family members to have quality time with them – a moment where they can share their fears, hopes and aspirations; we have colleagues who are in need of genuine conversations where they can share their current state of mental health. Ours is a society formed by social beings capable of understanding and determining what is good and what is not, what is essential and what is not.

Friends, shaping our beloved nation lies not only on our abilities and competencies, but in the success driven by the kind of values each of us believes in as human beings.

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