People Program of the Year (NCR-Public Sector): Volunteerific Program of Land Bank

As an active partner in nation-building, the Land Bank of the Philippines continues to be a model of good social responsibility practices as it embodies its commitment to contribute to better, safer and more progressive communities in the country.

Employee volunteerism is one such way through which LANDBANK espouses social

responsibility. With over 8,000 employees who willingly share their time, talents and treasures for various advocacies, the Bank sought to further nurture the culture of volunteerism among Landbankers by establishing and institutionalizing its own volunteerism program.

Formally launched in August 2016, the LANDBANK Volunteerific Program is an open platform for employees to fully embrace social responsibility by being able to participate in the Bank's CSR programs, initiate their own volunteerism aclivities and, in the process, inspire other members of the community. While public service and social responsibility are instinctively ingrained within the Bank's culture, it is through this program that volunteerism was institutionalized as a vital component of its service culture.

These volunteerism activities are aligned with the pillars of the Bank's CSR thrusts, namely livelihood, education and disaster relief efforts.

1 . Livelihood

LANDBANK has been relentlessly putting together various initiatives to empower and enable individuals to have access to relevant and affordable financial products and services. One of these initiatives is the LANDBANK Financial lnclusion Caravan which provides basic financial learning on saving, livelihood opportunities and practical money tips. Held on Saturdays, the caravan saw the participation of hundreds of Landbankers nationwide who willingly spared their weekends without filing for overtime pay to assist in the event. Landbankers from the branch banking sector also work without pay on weekends to facilitate the distribution of cash grants to beneficiaries of the government's Unconditional Cash Transfer Program and Conditional Cash Transfer Program - government programs of which LANDBANK is the disbursing bank.

2. Education

Empowering the youth and encouraging them to contribute the development of the agriculture sector are the main reasons for the creation of the LANDBANK Gawad Patnubay Scholarship Program (GPSP). Through the voluntary contributlons of Landbankers, GpSp has been supporting college students taking agriculture and other related courses.

3. Environment

As an institution that practices environmentally sustainable operations, LANDBANK encourages employees to participate in environmental activities such as coastal clean-ups and reforestation activities.

4. Disaster Relief Efforts

LANDBANK is always among the first to respond in times of calamities and employees never hesitate to extend a helping hand for those affected. Apart from volunteering to pack and distribute relief goods, Landbankers also help to identify other needs such as the lack of access to potable water in relocation sites and far-flung communities which may be addressed by the Bank's Gawad Katubigan Program.

While LANDBANK employees are encouraged to volunteer in different CSR activities which are initiated by the Bank or its partner institutions, employees may also initiate other activities in support of their own individual advocacies. To recognize employees' volunteering efforts, LANDBANK holds an annual recognition program and publishes weekly Volunteerific stories in the Bank's official newsletter.

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