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SIA Engineering (Philippines) Corporation is a silent aviation giant in Clark with its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) core competences. It may have humbly started but it is a joint venture of two equally respectable giants in Singapore, the SIA Engineering Company and the Filipino-owned Corporation, Cebu Pacific. Its management team guiding the majority of millennial employees is a combination of Filipinos, Singaporeans, Indonesian, Australian and Dutch with some of them earned three (3) to four (4) decades of work experiences in their own fields of expertise. The company is proud to have been conferred with diverse certifications from different authorizing bodies around the world like USA, Europe, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Thailand, to name a few. SIAEP is also an approved training organization mostly on Airframe and Powerplant and Avionics touching on the Airbus and Boeing families. The skilled staff touching these aircraft assure the safety and air worthiness carrying our families and ourselves as well to the many different parts of the world.

With these global diversities and the regional origins of its very own local employees amidst the organization, the thriving thought to ensure unity and aiming at the same direction while still focusing on the employees’ welfare made the management come up with the platform simply called 360˚ Challenge Program. This also ambitions to bring the company to higher heights in terms of corporate initiatives combined with employee-related (ER) activities. It is a holistic approach with an advocacy of Home Away from Home allowing the top management’s agenda and directions “married” to the HR-infused programs giving birth to a united work force.

With most of the employees being millennials, the management has launched inclusive involvement as these young employees are into gender, race and cultural inclusiveness who voice out and express their impressions on topics and concerns. With the 360˚ Challenge Program, below are some of the many management-introduced business initiatives:

1. On G to G or Grief to Growth involved cultural change which from GRIEF (business loss) to GROWTH (more revenues).

2. 75TAR or 75 days to Turn-Around or 7STAR. 75TAR has below 4 FOCUS areas:

a. Reduced Costs

b. Increased Efficiency

c. Improved Cash Flow

d. Improved Performance (can be related to 1,2 and 3)

3. The Balanced Scorecard ensuring that safety and sales are balanced to ensure business continuity.

4. S.A.L.T and P.E.P.P.E.R. Here, S.A.L.T. is Strategic, Action, Learning and Transformational Program and PE.PP.ER is Process Enhancement, People Performance and Equipment Rehabilitation. With these initiatives, we endeavored to find answers on below question-targets:

a. How do we develop a purposeful leadership team to be role models to motivate & engage their teams to be more effective?

b. How do we retain motivated & competent staff using holistic approach (training, benefits & recognition) for work efficiency & effectiveness?

c. How do we create a better inter-department synergy to improve camaraderie, teamwork and support for each other?

d. How do we create a culture whereby staff can be open, responsible, take pride in their work and have a sense of belonging to SIAEP?

e. How do we maintain our competitive edge (quality, cost-effectiveness, & adding value) in an environment of change, increased competition, evolving regulations and demanding customers for sustainable profitability?

5. House of SIAEP (SIAEP 101). As another initiative, the House of SIAEP is focused on addressing 11 varied business areas to still ensure business success. These are Enhanced Doc Control and Automation, Value Engineering/Reliability-Centered Maintenance, Asset Management, Project Management Team, Quality Circle, Floor Management, Consignment-VMI/Supply Chain, Maximizing Revenue, Yield Management and in the middle of all of these is the Human Resource Management which is the most important and irreplaceable part of the company.

And intertwining with all these business initiatives are the ER activities below that were aligned to ensure employee awareness and participation to make the initiatives and the employees’ time at work more meaningful and productive:

1. We’re BIG on Safety is an annual big event and a daily walk around the facility to comply with aviation standards.

2. Trainings as part of our lives: Team Building Sessions, Leadership Trainings, 7 Habits for Highly Effective Managers: facilitated by Franklin Cover trainer, Train The Trainer (TTT) series, Six Sigma, Personality Development, Project Management, Health Seminars, Wellness Lectures: with health coaches from Manila on losing, gaining or maintaining weight, Physical and Financial Wellness Lectures and others.

3. On recruitment: The Employee Referral Reward Program (ERRF) is a policy that allows employees to help recruit and get monetary rewards and as also done through radio and TV stations.

4. On employee Engagement: An Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) was done in August 2016 to have a base of employees’ opinions (what basically makes and keeps them happy and what does not), Text Us is an avenue for staff to air their opinions and concerns on certain issues to two numbers of the GM which he directly resolves with concerned parties, Townhall Meetings, Tool Box Meetings, Loyalty Awards (The 5-Year League), LED TV and memoranda dissemination, Drive S provision (employee on computer usage), Gear-Up Magazine, Team Building Sessions, Welcome New Employees, etc.

5. On other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Employee-Related (ER) activities: Blood Donation, Mothers’ Day (with contests on the Best Mothers’ Day Mural, Best Mother’s Day Card and Message), Fathers’ Day (Mini-me Picture, free massage, hair-cut, housing booths, gift-items booths), Valentine Events (contest on the Best Valentine-Themed Booth and Best Valentine Message), Best Wacky Picture by employee team-members, Best Bonding Moment Video with Family, Year-End Parties with SIAEP Got Talent (Season 2 in 2018), sing and dance contests, Battle of the Bands, Christmas Décor Competitions, Boodle Fight and Pizza Parties (done company-wide to reward timely or ahead-of-time release of aircraft), Chorale Competition, Baby Showers, Birthday Treats and others.

6. On community and environmental awareness: Outreach Activities, Brigada Eskwela Tree-Planting, etc.

7. On Spiritual Well-Being: First Friday and Ash Wednesday Masses and prayer room for our Muslim brothers.

8. On Wellness and Fitness: Company Sportsfest Events, Zumba, Fun Runs, Bowling Competition

9. On future targets: Family Day, Scholarship Program, Housing Support, Blood-letting, mangrove clean-up, yoga, etc.

The employees’ participation in the different ER activities and understanding of the business initiatives have molded a good culture throughout the organization. The 360˚ Challenge Program made sure that employees are taken care of and that the organization’s competence is also sustained. With maturely good attitude towards work and world-class skillful workforce, the company is assured that it has realized the very goals of the 360˚ Challenge Program which are culture building, career development and nurturing diversity.

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