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People Manager Magazine Online May 2022

Updated: Jun 22, 2022


BEFORE YOU LAUNCH into your rendition of the Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes duet, let me state the obvious: We Filipinos deserve to soar higher. The combination of great communication skills, smartness, impressive work ethic, flexibility and the disarming combo of charm and good-naturedness is sought after here and everywhere else where humans are welcome. (Why we’re still largely occupying a third-world country at this point is beyond me).

This edition, we celebrate the Global Pinoy with Joan Chung, while Margaux Norega covers this year’s TOWER Awards, and Janssen Joquico writes about the webinar “Must Have Skills for New Job Seekers in the New Now” (so feel lucky if you missed the actual webinar for this chance to get the gist). Finally, our president Ellen Fullido takes us to the stars with no plan whatsoever of bringing us back down to earth.

Like I’ve said, we deserve to soar.

Access the PDF copy here:

PMMO May 2022
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Editor-in-Chief, PMMO

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