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People Manager Magazine Online February 2021

Updated: Mar 4, 2022


NEXT TO CHRISTMAS, Valentine’s Day makes everyone giddy in a hopeful way. Even those who admit they still don’t have that ‘someone special’ yet, they easily declare heartfelt appreciation for their respective families and friends. There really is an abundance of gratitude and admiration around if you just know where to redirect your attention. For the so called Love Month, February’s People Manager Magazine Online (PMMO) and its virtual counterpart People Manager On-Cam got your ‘love’ covered. This time, we take stock of such a tour de force of an emotion and put the spotlight in the workplace. Are we better because of it? Can organizations put a semblance of framework around it consistent with their values, rules and goals? Can they even contain it and manage its consequences, good or bad? Access the PDF here:

PMMO_Feb 2021 with Link
Download PDF • 11.86MB

Let ‘love’ lead the way.


Editor-in-Chief, PMMO

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