Of Super Heroes and Sunshine

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Shane Rapanut

Push. Hustle. Grind. Juggle. I find that a lot is expected from professional, working women today. At work, she should be competent, strong for her tasks, relatable and reliable. At home, she must have an endless supply of love and patience to care for everyone she loves. She has to strike that ever elusive balance between professional and personal life, keep it all together and yet look gorgeous in selfies!

How I wish I can tell you that I’m like that - a mixture of Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman rolled into one, but I am definitely NOT.

I work in the ever evolving world of Human Resources where we deal with people and issues about people every day. In our world, every employee is our customer. We are expected to be kind, fair and have a ready smile when we implement policies and create various programs to attract, engage, inspire and retain the right talents in the organization to support our business goals.

I’m also a wife, mom, daughter, sister, relative and friend. I’m also a driver, braving the morning and evening traffic to go to and from work. There are days when I get overwhelmed because people count on me. And yet, when I look at my son, sleeping soundly at night, I just know that I have to always be at my best.

Let me share with you three things that help me. May you find it helpful too.


You can give your best in everything when you’re recharged and filled up.

I read something inspirational every day and I hold on to my faith when times get tough. My long commute to and from work becomes a blessing when I listen to audiobooks and downloaded videos of favorite speakers, authors, teachers and thought leaders. Listening to them simply “lights” me up. I listen to different kinds of music too (mostly easy listening) and sing in the car when I feel like it. Watching calligraphy videos soothes me. I love getting hugs from my son.

What fills you up and makes you come alive? Do more of that.


Learning new things will stretch you but the benefits will far outweigh the effort. Instead of trying to control everything and feeling bad (because you really cannot control everything), be a learner instead and learn all you can. You’ll not only be wiser, you’ll be significant! You add more value to your workplace and relationships and get to help more people simply because you chose to learn, be stretched and be valuable. When was the last time you learned something new?


Even a super hero needs a side kick. God rested on the 7th day. I remind myself to take care of “me” so I can be my best self. I once got sick for a couple of days after I pushed myself too hard to accommodate a very tiring schedule. I now know better. Take a break, treat yourself and give your body the care it deserves.

We don’t need super powers to juggle all our responsibilities. As we celebrate women in the workplace, offer a smile and an encouraging word to women colleagues and friends and watch it brighten their faces.

You may not be a super hero but you can be a bright ray of sunshine wherever you are.


Shane Bonza-Rapanut is HR Manager for Learning and Organization Development in PHINMA. She’s passionate about learning and shares her thoughts at www.bloomblossomandgrow.wordpress.com.

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