Millennial Minute: Generation Z Incoming!

Issa Nery, PMAP Communications Specialist

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Managing Millennials has been a big topic in human resource management as more millennials are working and even taking on supervisory roles. However, as a millennial, I would like to talk about the next generation that is slowly entering our workplaces – Generation Z.

Whether you realize it or not, a good number of your employees may already belong to this generation (In fact, at least 4 of our PMAP staff members are part of generation Z already!). Generation Z or “Zillennials” are defined by McKinsey & Company to be people who were born between 1995 to 2010. They are seen to be true digital natives having been exposed to the Internet, social networks and mobile phones from an early age. According to, Generation Z seems to have the following qualities:

Generation Z is more pragmatic.

While millennials are usually idealistic, this generation may lean more toward security and money. They still care about making a difference but would also like to ensure that they have a secure life outside of work.

Generation Z may be more competitive.

Generation Z seems to be more competitive, wanting to work on their own and be judges on their own merits as compared to millennials who are collaborative and team-oriented. Generation Z also understands the need to develop more skills in order to stay relevant. This generation will work hard, but also expects to be rewarded for it too.

Generation Z wants independence.

Many zillennials would like to manage their own projects so that their skills and abilities can shine through. They do not want to depend on others to get their work done.

Generation Z will multitask (even more than millennials).

Millennials are often known to be able to multitask, but generation Z takes it to a different level. Since this generation has lived already in a connected world, switching between different apps and activities comes more naturally to them.

Generation Z is more entrepreneurial.

Generation Z is 55% more likely to want to start a business than millennials. This may be attributed to their desire for financial success and their being highly motivated and willing to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Generation Z wants to communicate face-to-face.

53% of generation Z would prefer to talk in person rather than over instant messaging or email.

Generation Z wants to be catered to.

o Generation Z expects the workplace to conform with their needs. This is quite similar to millennials in a way and so companies may have to think of how to cater to a younger generation.

While somehow it makes me sad that we are no longer the youngest people in the workplace, it may be useful to note these qualities of this incoming generation as they seem to be quite different from millennials already. In no time, we might already be talking about how to deal with this generation and what generation Z can even bring to the table.

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