March your way to the top, ladies!

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Carmie P. De Leon

March is International Women’s month but what is this for, really?

While it’s time to rejoice and celebrate womanhood, it is also imperative to reflect, redefine and level up, balance for better, more than ever.

A woman of substance is a woman of power, not about human power like authority to direct and superiority over a team of people but the power to express God’s and act out message.

To live unapologetically, live life exuberantly and love conditionally.

Corporate achiever

Woman Power is the power to express individuality by all means.

To look beyond leadership title, to take beauty in action and lead by example.

We pay tribute to top women performers but let’s take a closer look at how we women can be called substantial and significant.

I’m a believer of Gender Equality and Diversity but for this issue, please indulge - women are special!

1. We are special because we bring people into the world. We don’t simply carry out babies for 9 months, we nurture and mold them, model to them so they can even be a better version of us.

2. We are instrumental in shaping the world. In many corporations, women play the role of visionary and steadfast leaders, honing everyone to join the bandwagon of champions, diplomatically and dramatically.

3. We are special because we are resilient and emotional at the same time. At times, we may be treated unfairly, we cry out loud and openly but we bounce back and show off.

Significance, not Success

I used to pray for success and equate it with promotions, a new car, a bigger house, hefty savings, luxurious vacations, fashionable clothes, and expensive shoes.

This definition then evolved into having a happy family, building a sweet home and forging harmonious relationships with everyone.

While success can be quantified by tangible results and a lot of earthly accomplishments, for me, it’s about deliberate conversion.

More of hearing than talking

A woman of destiny listens to the His calling and fulfills His desires.

As I follow God’s commands and veer away from sinful acts, I draw closer to Him, to get to know Him more and be guided by His wisdom and perform my mission.

“It doesn’t matter how people think, it’s how pleasing I am in the eyes of God.”

Not man’s but God’s leading.

There are uncomfortable moments but sometimes we are placed to hone patience and humility. There are circumstances when our timelines are do not matter but we should rely on His perfect time.

Women are Special

We are special not just because we are born to be charming, child-bearing and always pleasing. But we exude peace, happiness and progress.

Women are special because we are good and we are on our way to GREATNESS.

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