Lessons from the Dancing CEOs ⁃ Chief Entertainment Officer

I still have the side effects and LSS of the recently concluded FUN -filled PMAP AC 2019. The speakers are great but greater are my learnings from the backstage. These CEOs believe in the essence of edutainment. Educating effectively not just by using words but actions that evoke emotions.

I’ve been blessed to have encounters with present and former PMAP presidents but I felt more appreciated when I was invited to join both by the COPA (Council of Past Presidents) and 2019 Board to grace their dance numbers. Being extremely outgoing and an advocate of dancing, I said yes right away, without minding my schedules. I normally do this, anyway. I know God will provide me the energy as long as I have good intentions.

I have 2 major reasons for giving a nod. I am the Chair for members engagement and wellness and “fellowship night” falls under it. I breathe party! Secondly, my stressors are out every time I hear music and dance to it. I feel like I’m 10 years younger. Try it, it’s a free anti- aging regimen. Here are some behind the scene lessons and revelations.

The attributes of the dancing CEOs

1. Passion for Profession (and association)

⁃ They are in love with what they are doing. PMAP is their second home.

2. They pass the baton

⁃ They trust and empower people, believe that values in life and work ethics like “fun” and harmony should be cascaded to further improve lives of the people that surround them.

3. AGELESS Mindset

⁃ For them it’s GAME ON, Never GAME OVER. When things get a little more challenging, they will laugh and encourage one another, saying ‘why not’ and never an outright NO to steps they’ve not even tried before.

4. Creatively cool

⁃ Look at the body movements. They performed well with intensity and passion.

5. Team play and Game plan

⁃ With the direction of telling the story of PMAP, COPA impressed the crowd with its artistic rendition of PEST (political, economic, social, technological) situation in connection to PMAP.

6. Active Listening and Coordination. They look at the ones instructing and feel the tempo to achieve synchrony. Others took time to teach others.

7. Unity in diversity. There was a strong display and sense of oneness and camaraderie. We danced as one family, never running out of comments, side stories and energy in the middle of busy schedules. Laughter from rehearsals to performance up to the back stage victory pose and picture taking capture the after- glow.

8. Fun is In. We can go a little wild.

With the success of the fellowship night, more wellness moments like these should be injected to stimulate friendship and creativity. The smiles and memories are simply priceless. It is because of PMAP leaders who take passion into action .

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