Leading with Empathy

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

by Carmie P. De Leon

Hitting corporate targets means aligning team competencies with high-impact strategic moves. It’s easier said than done. Too many things happen in between, including changes and challenges, stressful deadlines and the not-so passionate members of the team who need extra attention and consideration.

And that’s why we need to lead with much empathy – to understand, unite, realign and strengthen that bond.

Add hype to meetings

Meeting must not be boring. Must be kept short, with agenda sent in advance. Building towards specific actions and building champions. Be mindful of time and results oriented.

Try tweak it a bit! Personally, I run Thematic Enrichment Session for my Sales and Marketing team where everyone is in his or her costumes. Based on experience, my creative and fun- loving approach facilitates learning in a different, entertaining way.

Passionately and Purposeful

Arouse passion by making people realize he or she has a big role to play and we all interconnect with one others towards a single purpose- to contribute for the good of the community.

Lead to Serve

Know real pathetic leaders that thrive in power and live in their obsolete definition of leadership. Emphatic leaders never use authority to pull people. They inspire by their examples and authentic service. The first one to assume difficult decisions and last to take credits on.

EQ not IQ

In this chaotic corporate set up when things change from time to time, high IQ should be accompanied by higher EQ. Many have adapted and put high priority on emotions I personally labeled this as H2H. Touch emotions by saying “thanks”, “welcome” and “wow”. After all, we are Interconnected.

Be the CEO

We rise and build by pressing hot buttons and valuing everyone’s talents. Improve commitment level by being the Chief Entertainment Officer. When everyone’s happy, there’s bigger chance to hit the goal. It’s time to rally the troupe for more trophies. The challenge remains to be “engagement” across all levels to have the same values, passion and intensity. Most leaders have difficulty unleashing the ultimate potential of some of their people, so don’t feel bad. It’s common. Stick to your goals and plans, be consistently intense, patient and updated. Hand hold them, model the right way, and the only way is through their hearts.

Treat everyone as a gift and lead with your heart.

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