LeadCom 2019

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

by Fredy Primicias, MIR, AFPM

What does it mean to be awarded, Committee of the Year?

Firstly, the journey that led the 2019 LeadCom to this triumph was full of 4AM viber and FB reminders with weekends and holidays focused on reports, updates and coordination. There were days when each one of us would just feel exhausted over the sheer amount of work and "controlled chaos." Yet, at the end of each day, the fundamental thread that tied all the volunteers to be committed to the cause was the authentic love to tirelessly complete all BOT projects anchored in the theme of "Delivering HR that Matters Today and Tomorrow."

Secondly, gifted HR practitioners from various organizations and persuasion came together to perform a tall order: to design a holistic program for the future PMAP leaders that intersects with the concept of Leading Self, Others and Organization and the competencies of Personal Effectiveness, Relationship Management, and Business Leadership. Two excellent platforms came to fruition, the Future Leaders Program (FLP) by mentees Janine Tan and Sugar Traspaderme, and a learning curriculum by 2020 Chair Cynthia Sarabia and Eric Cancino. Both, complementary as they are, virtually drove the message that the Mentee- Mentor relationship becomes sustainable and targeted.

Thirdly, 2019 LeadCom started with a few essential Firsts: monthly learning sessions were sponsored by supportive partners like SM, Sitel, NGCP, Alorica, Widus Hotel, Nissan and LHH among others. Each monthly meeting became more interactive by adding Zumba, psychological assessment and personality development. The committee also was able to organize fundraising efforts to benefit the Brighthalls Foundation (July, an orphanage in Makati) and Rise Against Hunger (November, movie premiere of Frozen 2, SM MegaMall).

Finally, 2019 was the culmination of the hard work made by previous chairs, vice-chairs, PMAP professional staff, and LeadCom volunteers. From a 5- mentor pool, 2019 grew to 14, each either as a Past- PMAP president or a veritable Fellow in People Management. From an 11- mentee pool, 2019 grew to 36 who can graduate in 2020 if all steps are complied upon.

2020, through chair Cynthia Sarayba, vice-chair Gigi Decena and PMAP professional staff Eshe Lalongisip, will be the year that magnifies that leadership with a cause will bring a future of hope, of will and of action.

As your 2019 LeadCom chair, I can only bow to the energy and enlightenment generated by 2019 BOT Beth Nasol, Vice-chair Jackelyn Ballena, core members 2020 BOT Mark Hernandez, Erik del Castillo, Hilda Cardenas, Cat Sakay, Beng Orosa, and Serely Alcaraz. To those who were behind us, to those who are with us, and to those who will be with us-- we share the devotion to you as we had, we have and we will have to LEARN, LEAD and SERVE, the PMAP- LeadCom way.

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