Labor Policy Reforms and Industrial Relations Committee Plans

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

For PMAP to fulfill its duty in helping members address their IR concerns, the LPRIR Committee ensures that members are given first-hand information on various IR issues and labor policy updates thru:

  • Providing legal and technical advice especially in clarifying and interpreting IR laws, matters, and issues.

  • Disseminating information that promotes labor relations competency.

  • Crafting labor policy reforms that reflect the realities of the business enterprise.

The LPRIR Committee commits to enable and facilitate an environment that promotes decent work and responsible business practices through the following activities:

  • Labor Policy Advocacy

  • IR Kapihan / Consultations

  • Research Studies

  • IR Talks / Advisement

Contact Us

Sarah L. Niguas – Research Head

Jet S. Nebris – Research Associate

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