Insular Life Launches InLife Sheroes Program

Tita D. Puangco

“The HAND that rocks the cradle, rules the world...”

Opening her launch speech, Nina Aguas, Insular Life’s Executive CEO, with perfect timing, aligned with the celebration of women’s month, launched the InLife Sheroes initiative designed to impact the lives of Filipino women today and in the future.

She recognized that today women are increasingly doing multiple roles: caring for the home, looking after their children, husbands, their elderly parents, siblings and even extended relations. They are breadwinners taking on more than just one job, they are business and community leaders, doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, in the armed forces services, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, migrant and BPO workers. They all contribute to the economic and social advancement of their families, while inspiring their communities to level up.

“If women but understood and exercised their power, they could remake the world.” Quoting Emily Taft Douglas, Aguas cited the remarkable strides of women in the last decade and urged them to leverage on their market power and social status.

IFC and WorldBank Partnership

In 2018 Aguas accepted the invitation to be a member of the Advisory Board for Gender and Development of the World Bank, being the first Filipina to sit in the board. Being part of the Advisory Board allowed her to identify which priority area Insular Life as a company can commit to, in terms of sustained business and social strategies.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, shared a report entitled “She for Shield: Insure Women to Better Protect All”. It highlighted the huge financial and protection risks of the underserved and unserved women segment coming from the emerging markets, including the Philippines.

Presented with these realities and being true to Insular’s Mission of delivering a “Lifetime for Good”, it embraced the golden opportunity to help address the financial inclusion agenda for women in the country. Insular will provide protection and risk mitigating solutions as well as investment opportunities so women are able to survive a loss of income or an unforeseen event and more than that - live out a crisis.

Data on the Filipina

In the past year, InLife and IFC, have collaborated at various levels to collect data, generate valuable information, conduct gender sensitivity workshops. They sought to understand the women market in the country. Their conclusion is that most women have very little knowledge of saving, investing, and risk protection. InLife seeks to bridge the knowledge gap thru financial literacy programs and address the limited access to business and social networks with the help of technology.

Who is a Shero?

The Filipina is the inspiration behind the InLife Sheroes direction. Aguas describes her as a unique human being, an expert in multitasking, who does not divide time and love, she multiplies them. She fights for causes she believes in and turns obstacles into opportunities. She listens to her head as well as her heart, she walks in when everyone else walks out . Even though she is Ms Universe, she knows her real measurements have less to do with numbers or statistics. Her ingenuity, diskarte and intuition are unflappable.

Thus the initiative’s slogan is “INLIFE SHEROES : The Filipina Will”. The InLife Sheroes is an advocacy to empower Filipino women to take charge of their economic, social, health, and overall well-being.

What would be InLife’s contribution in empowering women? It will be to help women become self-reliant and financially independent. When women generate their own income, they invest more in their families and their communities. When women are economically strong and sufficient they become powerful catalyst for progress.

InLife Sheroes Contribution

InLife Sheroes’ contribution will be anchored on four areas: 1) Financial Education; 2) Health and Wellness; 3) Women Specific Solutions; and 4) Access to Business and Social Networks.

It is to create an advocacy and a movement that will unify women from diverse fields, with men as believers, to greater participation in wealth creation, to have better control over their resources and financial well-being, and to live healthier and wealthier lives.

It is to build the network of women organizations and business institutions. It is to make possible the recent predictions of an Oxford economist that the Philippines will one day come second to dominate the global economy next to India. InLife Sheroes is designed to help make this happen.

Touch 1 Million Lives

InLife’s goal is to touch one million lives in three years and increase the number in the coming years.

The collective dream is that to see in one’s lifetime, or in the lifetime of our children, when every Filipina will be financially independent, healthier, wealthier and living meaningful lives.

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