Insights on PMAP and Investing in Women Stakeholders Forum 2019

By Carmie de Leon VP Marketing, Healthway Medical

I attended the stakeholders forum conducted by PMAP in partnership with Investing in Women and the Australian Government with representatives from the Department of Labor and Employment, the Senate and Congress and came away with insights on how we can build a better workplace. Here are some of the key points I learned.

Employees’ perceptions of a family-responsive workplace impact their productivity.

What do people look for in a company? Employees need family friendly companies and this is strongly correlated to employee productivity. On top of appreciation, advancement and stability, people seek a great workplace that supports retention, engagement and optimal productivity. Therefore, policy makers should focus attention and programs on improving:

1. Vacation leaves as one of the most valued benefits. People need to rest and have vacations.

2. Flexibility in time and special arrangements

3. Build a culture of productivity that is output based instead of regular time - based

4. Be a company that cares for the dependents of employees (HMO, health, housing)

5. Consider allowing children to visit the office and see how their parents work. Or, have a family day where employees can openly discuss family matters.

These are just five ideas. But we can make a difference if we take the next steps to make these happen through collaboration and transformation!

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