From the HeaRt: P.E.O.P.L.E. Matter Most

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

by Roberto M. Policarpio, FPM

“A true leader is someone who inspires and persuades people to perform willingly and do their best in everything they do in achieving team’s goals.”

Today's fast-paced global economy triggers stiffer competition, rapid revolution of technology and dynamic innovation in products and services. These factors drive most business enterprises to deploy the best strategies and cost-effective approaches to be market leaders in their respective industries. In these scenarios, people become more important than ever.

Professional and mature people become the most indispensable strength of any organization. An organization evades successfully the trap of complacency and failure when P. E. O. P. L. E. have been taken care of carefully in strategies and processes, namely:


Everyone knows well the “why” of their existence because each one has truthfully defined first “who” they are. They never lose their identity due to changes, disorderliness, stress and trials because their core values are intact. All actions are guided by what is ethical, just and true.


Engagement is a priority of the organization’s talent management strategies. Everyone’s mindset and behaviors adapt appropriately resulting to exemplary performance because of highly-engaged employees. Their engagement is a direct reflection of how they feel about having healthy relationships with everyone.


Everyone practices the value of ‘malasakit’ evidenced by their grit and zeal in doing more with less, using productively the resources, going an extra mile in accomplishing one’s duties, investing willingly in personal development, and sharing unselfishly the knowledge, skills for the benefit of the team.


Each one is enthused in doing rigid work: “I want to achieve it! ”They have the steadfastness in fulfilling their roles: “I am determined to be successful in my deliverables under any circumstances.” They have the allure that made them realized their life mission: “I love what I am doing.”

Everyone is a natural leader because each one positively attracts one another in thinking a bright future, and seeing threats and challenges as opportunities. Pro activeness and progressive action become contagious.


Dr. Stephen R. Covey said “Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.” The HR Department leads in instituting appropriate programs and tools in assessing the needs and competencies of current and potential leaders. They are being provided with purposive learning and development programs that will affect lasting organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

A true leader is someone who inspires and persuades people to perform willingly and do their best in everything they do in achieving team’s goals. He eagerly keeps everyone bonded to deliver the right results.


Empowering employees is an ongoing process of providing suitable learning and development programs, technology and resources coupled with motivation and praise so they perform extraordinarily.

Empowered employees are purposively trained and developed, mentored and coached by their superiors as sincere gestures of management’s high regard for people. Sense of ownership is instilled because of empowerment. With ownership comes fidelity to the organization, reliability to deliver results and onus to go beyond expectations.

People matter most. Each one is an image-bearer of the divine Creator. Everyone has equal rights whose dignity must be upheld always. Every business success is primarily created by people. People matter most today, tomorrow and beyond!

Let us incessantly nurture and sustain dynamic partnership founded on friendship as inspiration and model for the new generation and the generations to come. Let us continuously collaborate in the advancement of the HR profession. Let us make PMAP a model of people advocacies and exceptional HR practices.

Roberto M. Policarpio, FPM

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