Facing Recruitment Challenges Today

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

By: Workbank

In 2018 and 2019, the employment rate in the Philippines stands at 94.6%. Workers in the services sector comprised the largest proportion of the employed population. These workers made up 57.8% of the total employed in July 2019 according to a local study.

While the figures are encouraging, it doesn't necessarily reflect the real-life challenges in recruitment as well as in keeping employees happy and staying in their company. Just looking at different corporate profiles, the turnover of workers has a lifespan of two years, or even less than that to some.

Additionally, while constantly changing jobs may work for employees, it causes problems for employers. So, when an employee decides to stay for only three months, the process of getting a replacement will take longer. It leaves HR managers with the predicament: How to find the right talents in a job economy where “candidate is king”:

1. Reaching job seekers

Even if potential employees are constantly online, it does not mean that recruiters are able to find the right fit for the job. A web-based platform is the easiest to navigate and will connect those actively seeking jobs with recruiters that have vacancies to fill. A great job portal also allows companies to highlight in their profiles what makes them a good workplace, thereby making their posts more attractive to job hunters.

2. Finding job-ready candidates

Sadly, good grades do not necessarily equate to job readiness. Fresh graduates and even those who have been working a year or two sometimes still lack foundation skills and hard skills needed to get them up and running on Day 1. Trainings can help address this, whether on the web or through short-course seminars, and proving most helpful to young jobbers are basic employability skills like work values, problem solving and effective communication.

3. Addressing no-shows

Ghosting has become a norm these days, even in recruitment. Many an employer has had the heartbreak of no-shows from confirmed appointments or not hearing back from potential employees after the initial interview. Sometimes, all it takes is a few small incentives – free rides to interviews or getting discounts to look presentable for your final interview can go a long way to assure applicant engagement. A definite win-win for both recruiter and candidate!

There are companies who are committed to having a more convenient hiring system that would solve these obstacles, like new jobs site Workbank that have specifically addressed the challenges mentioned above. In fact, this new player is setting a new level when it comes to recruitment by investing in talents through exciting perks and trainings. This way they don’t only help job seekers achieve their aspirations but also help recruiters get the kind of talents they need.

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