Everything is a Gift

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

By Carmie P. De Leon

Seize the day. Carpe Diem.

Be in the moment, live in the moment.

Let’s not underestimate the value of each day’s learning and loving, most specially during this unprecedented global crisis.

Sharing my personal reflection in the last half of 2020, with clearer vision, here are realizations that equipped me in adjusting and adapting to the new demands of time.

1. Faithful not Fearful - Uncertainties are certain, change is constant, so let things be. We see chaos in the news, the world is full of fear and we see troubles everywhere. It’s pretty normal if we get wary, no one’s spared from panic and worry. But this got to be momentarily. We need to be more vigilant and mindful of what we watch and read, who we talk to and when to shut down, sit back and just believe. It’s time to hold on to our faith, stop fearing the unknown. It’s a waste of time and energy.

“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." --- Matthew 6:34

2. Composed to Re- purpose - We all want to live a meaningful life, and we’re given the chance to help and inspire others, to make each other’s journey lighter, brighter and more exciting.

But sometimes we tend to lose focus and get overwhelmed by frustrating events and day to day crisis.

I confess, I’ve been complaining of too much workload until I changed the way I look at things. I was terribly swamped, but little did I know, this is what I need to be more patient, and this is what have been praying for.

We beat this crisis by being at our best, highly aware that we live to share and ease other’s pain and burden.

Start the day with gratitude breathing (thank you, Lord) and stretching (helping out). Navigate the new normal with a relaxed and calm mindset.

Let’s not be stuck with whining. Past is past. Let’s get busy extending help, in whatever way we can. Power up by sharing and empowering.

3. The power comes from within

It is written, count it all joy. We have them in our system - love, hope and peace.

So instead of succumbing to pressure, let us let things flow, count blessings after blessings and unleash the strength from within.

We are better than yesterday. Time to ignore the pain, manage emotions and overcome depression, threat and heartaches. Everything happens to turn things around, from good to great. Let us all awaken our senses and reply on the supernatural, every hour of the day.

Now is the best time to leverage on our strengths - smart energy and positivity.

With prayer and meditation, I realized how vulnerable I am but in His hands, when I cast my care to Him, I know can do everything.

Don’t reply on your own knowledge and wisdom. Call in Him and you’ll rise up to the new you.

4. High Tech, Soft Touch - Living the digital age means multi- tasking and achieving a lot the shortest possible time. Now, we spend a lot of time staring at the black mirror, we can no longer breathe without the phone and internet, nor pay attention to a specific matter 100%.

The WFH challenge made me more hardworking and emphatic. I work with my heart out, triple time to make my presence felt. I cook, clean house, say “hi” even if others in the house seem to be more occupied or annoyed with my hello.

It looks like everyone needs to be uplifted. Let’s be the one to understand, click the hot button. lift them up and be the light.

5. Agility is key. While we’re restricted from staying out, the opportunities are limitless. It’s time to re- invent and explore more possibilities, now.

I don’t dwell on the things I can no longer do like traveling with my family. I do things that I wasn’t able to do before like painting and some domesticated chores. I exercise more often than I used to when I was a gym instructor. I’m venturing into new stuff in the middle of my hectic schedule.

Look around, spot new channels and experiment. For all you know, it’s been there waiting for you.

As we get sort of paralyzed by this COVID incident, in its deeper sense, it’s a call to look at the new signs and potentials. It’s about knowing who we really are now, how we can pay it forward and give back, generously.

In the end, its about learning, leaning, growing.

it’s a Call to Unite, Ignite Your Passion, Leverage Your Assets, and Inspire Others.

More learnings and blessings to come!

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.” --- Philippians 4:8


About the Writer:

Carmie P. De Leon is the VP for Sales and Marketing of Healthway Medical.

A pound pro and wellness coach among others. She’s nurtured her passion for wellness as a Certified Coach for corporate Wellness by WELCOA and recently as a Certified Fitness Coach and Pound Professional at Anytime Fitness. She is in charge of PMAP’s wellness and members' engagement.

For more than 3 decades of corporate experience, she paved the way to her expertise in customer care, business development, operations, talent management, client relations and strategic partnership and innovative marketing.

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