Coping with Anxiety During COVID-19 Crisis

By Dr. Flor M. Glinoga

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may experience anxiety, uncertainty, altered daily routines, financial pressures and social isolation that can make your life feel out of control and make it unclear what to do. If you have feelings of worrying, restlessness and tension by occasionally being irritable or uneasy, showing anger and engaging in aggressive arguments but not in an excessive manner, the following tips can help you cope and manage your anxiety:

  1. Implement a morning ritual, such as deep breathing and positive imagination.

  2. Listen to calming music some of which are available online.

  3. Avoid alcoholic drinks and caffeinated beverages such as soda, energy drinks, tea, and coffee.

  4. Do physical activities such as yoga, walking, or Tai Chi.

  5. Pursue hobbies and mindfulness activities such as painting, pottery, meditation, reading books.

  6. Visualize what you want the end of your anxiety to look like, define the steps toward that goal.

  7. Limit screen time and exposure to news. Turn off electronic devices 30 minutes before bedtime.

  8. Use your moral compass or spiritual life for support.

  9. Find time each day to make virtual connections by email, texts, phone, zoom, and similar apps.

  10. Stay busy. Enjoy things that you can do at home, identify a new project, or clean out that closet.

If you are prone to worry a lot and it takes a long time for you to get over your anxiety, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional help.


About the Writer:

Dr. Flor M. Glinoga is an internationally recognized Management and Human Resource Consultant. She holds a BS Degree in Psychology, M.A./Ph.D. Degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Masters in Development Management. She completed her certificate course on Project Management at Wharton School of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, and USA and has 30 tears of varied work experiences in the government, private, non-profit organizations as well as in foreign and international companies. She is a trainer, coach, and a career counselor to employees or organizations, especially those undergoing organizational and personal change. She has worked with the industrial sector, private and government agencies for the Institutionalization and sustainability of the company employee relations programs.

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