Chapters Plans and Programs

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

  1. Chapter President’s Meeting

  2. Chapter Inductions

  3. Board Meetings (3 Trustees)

  4. Election of Chapter Representatives during AC

  5. Chapter Training Support Program (CTSP)

  6. Subscription to monthly Webinars

  7. Info blast and Infographics and IEC Campaigns

  8. Monthly/Quarterly subscription to IR Chronicle

  9. Labor Updates and Advisory

  10. Legal Consultations / Advisement

  11. IR Regional Summits

  12. IR Kapihan

  13. IR Webinar Session

  14. Attendance to Regional Consultations on Labor Matters

  15. PMAP DigiTV

  16. PMM Publication

  17. Press Releases / Media Mileage

  18. Marketing and Promotions

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