Be the Best Version of YouBest Practice Sharing: Engaging Employees on a Self-Improvement Program

By Jeanette Mactal, HR Officer, PHINMA

Exploring new crafts and hobbies is something one does when he has the time and resources. In the busyness of work and life, self-fulfillment dreams are often set aside. Well, here at PHINMA, we commit to developing well-rounded employees and have taken self-improvement to the next level. We provide the opportunity and resources to our employees to take on a new skill/interest, in the hopes that they take on the initiative of learning. This process of self-directed learning adds value to them and the people they influence. HR gave a brand name for the self-improvement program to make it more inspiring. We call it “BEST VERSION OF YOU”.

In line with our mission of Making Lives Better, PHINMA provides a Self-Improvement Program with an annual budget given per employee to be used in learning new skills, furthering knowledge or developing various facets of the employee’s life, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The program aims to enhance the competence, wellness and professionalism of the employee; which in turn supports development of organizational capability, resiliency, and social responsibility.

I have personally used my self-improvement fund to attend courses in Advanced Photography, Memory Enhancement, How to make Eco-friendly Household Cleaners, Chocolate-Making, and Pound Fitness, just to name a few!

Here are some photos of our employees taking various classes. In the process of participating in the program, we find that we expand our horizons and take steps to become the best we can be. That is why the program is called Best Version of You!

Creative Drawing gave these ladies from HR, Executive Offices and PHINMA Properties a new hobby to try!

PMAP Trustee and PHINMA VP HR Lin Mukhi (second from right) discovered that pencil shading is a complex skill.

Basic Photography lessons resulted to a winning medal for our Audit Officer on portrait photography.

Step-by-step baking for beginners and basic bread-making yield yummies for sharing among our HR and Accounting bakers!

Drum lessons for our IT Specialist Kris, who might one day be a rock star!

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