Another Day of Learning for 2020 Mentees Under the PMAP LeadCom Future Leaders Program

By Cynthia Lynne Y. Sarayba, MBA, CTRS, AFPM

It was another day of learning for the PMAP Leadcom 2020 mentees as part of the Future Leaders Program. A second virtual learning session was held last June 13, 2020 with 47 attendees. Despite the pandemic, Leadcom continues to churn out learning sessions to equip future leaders of the PMAP Organization with leadership skills to ensure that it has a strong pipeline of committed leaders who possess the right leadership and HR practice competencies needed to execute the goals and plans of our association. These sessions are held monthly for a whole year. Afterwhich, mentees are immersed in their chosen PMAP committees to graduate from the program.

The session topic focused on Personal and Organizational Visioning. This is part of the Leadership Development Curriculum on Leading Self, Others and the Organization to educate these future leaders through lectures building their competencies in personal effectiveness, relationship management and business leadership. This will help them advance their HR practice and also learn about best practices in other companies and industries.

The invited guest speaker was Ms. Penny Bongato, a Certified Trainer in the Jack Canfield Methodology and recently certified by Barrett Centre on Values Assessment. The highlight of the session was engaging the participants by allowing them to take the Barrett Personal Values Assessment and assess for themselves what values are important to them as these values describe their individual motivations and drive their decision-making. Also, realizing that these values impact the culture in their workplace especially in this time of crisis, their personal values/vision should be aligned with the organizational values/vision. Ms. Bongato shared that the organizational values in many companies changed or shifted because of Covid-19. She gave everyone a treat at the end of the program by giving away her ebook, “Forward Shift Managing your Life at the Time of a Pandemic, Guidance from Mentors and Coaches across the World” for free which includes rich learnings she acquired from her conversations with 33 people across the globe including Bro. Bo Sanchez and Jack Canfield.

As part of the program segment on Leadcom Success Stories, our other speaker Ms. Mitch Guce, shared with the attendees her journey from being a mentee to becoming PMAP Vice President for 2018. She explained what PMAP taught her about Servant Leadership and why Serving = Leading. She likened some colleagues in PMAP to “refractors” who opened her eyes to the beauty that was beyond her. They focused her gaze to what lied ahead and showed her when there was a curve ball from a distance. The others were “reflectors” whose visions inspired others; and multiplied themselves thus expanding her horizon and opportunities.

Another highlight of the program was the launch of Leadcom’s major CSR project for 2020. PMAP, PMAP Foundation and Leadcom in partnership with the City Government of Antipolo and the Healing by Design Team, have been raising funds to build a healing pod, open door center designed for Covid-19 high-risk individuals. The goal of this project is to remove these individuals from their communities by putting them in a lower risk area outside hospitals. Through the use of a basketball court as an alternative, these “pods” will then be converted into a PUM/PUI center to be located at the Multipurpose Covered Court, Antipolo Science and Technology Building, Sitio Cabading, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo City.

Please help us start building at least one pod by depositing your donations, not later than July 31, 2020 to the People Management Association of the Philippines, METROBANK Account # 254-3-25480476-3, UCPB Account # 001051136857 & Union Bank by using payment slip (indicating institution-PMAP & reference number-healing pod donation). Email a copy of the deposit slip to: Fredy Primicias at

Sponsor a pod, save a life, heal a community. Together let us build a Healing Pod soonest. We heal as one nation.

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