Acting About What Matters In Times Of Crisis

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

by Ireene Leoncio

Acting about what matters in times of crisis is never easy. Among my clients in the business community, we are united in encouraging our constituents to stay home due to the exponential rise of COVID-19 infected cases. Experts recommend that social distancing is a necessary remedy to the spread of the virus. Such advisory presented challenges to our team as we organized the now postponed conference, "Women and the Future of Work." In the blink of an eye, we set aside our financial targets and acknowledged that the safety of our community is our priority. We may have lost opportunities to generate revenue, but we were able to direct the situation towards purposeful deeds. I felt proud and aligned to be working for a client who can act with courage and decency in times of distress.

According to Henrik Kofod-Hansen, co-founder of Novosensus, “While the past years were focused on performance, which came quite easily to many organizations, it is now about something entirely different. Leaders need to step up and become enablers of people's sense of hope and confidence. It is about two shifts: Moving from doubt towards being more confident about own abilities and moving pessimism towards optimism. The leadership mindset and capabilities needed to do this, are very different from running a growth business in a growing market.”

Unfortunately, I also have encounters with some leaders who fail to exhibit bravery when the world needs it the most. Such adverse accounts beyond my control have provoked me to re-direct my trajectory. I have learned from these experiences that we can shape our character in a gloomy tale. Our just and sincere intentions are infectious in one way or the other. In the long-run, our relived faith to act on what truly matters will take us in solidarity with the entire humanity.


About the writer:

Ireene is an educator and a marketer. She is passionate about enabling her students’ and clients’ behavior for good.

Ireene has more than a decade of professional experience in the Philippines, the U.S., and the U.K., working for multinational companies and academic institutions.

Ireene obtained her master’s degree from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. and a bachelor’s degree from De La Salle University, Manila.

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