3 Tips to Staying on Top, Based on What I Learned After Over 3 Decades of Marriage & Corporate Life

Carmie P. De Leon

Our balancing acts and anti-stress strategies vary depending on what we have and customized based on where we are at but having steady tactics and healthy habits help us to cope and live well.

I make every effort to supplement faith with virtue, virtue with knowledge, knowledge with actions and enormous amount of self-control. Self- control comes with focus, priorities, and mindfulness.

I’ve always believed in the old adage that when things get tough don’t quit, be tougher. Because of this, I prepare. I invest in the future by being happy and healthy, today.

1. Love yourself

Keep self-love alive to be capable of loving life and everything around. You can’t give what you don’t have so pamper and grow yourself so you can pass on the energy. It is never easy to love everyone but just take a look at what the Lord has done in your life, it will be a lot more acceptable to love and irrational and less-lovable.

2. Love your partner

Keep marital love alive for a blissful life. Spend more time with your loved ones and give more value to family than any amount of money. It takes two to tango with the Holy Spirit. There’s no perfect match nor flawless relationship but God has his ways of blessing those who keep bouncing back in the name of love. Love isnt give and take, it’s give, give, give.

3. Love your job

Keep love for work alive to keep growing professionally and personally. Work hard and smart no matter what, and put in mind that your job is a gift from God and that you report to the ultimate CEO. What you sow, you reap so sow good deeds. It should not matter if there are seemingly unfair treatments of unreasomable demands, just keep a good attitude. Reach out and be kind to officemates. Go beyond 8-5 and engage in after-5 bonding, have fun, grow and hang out with them.

Follow Peace. Focus on what’s nice and beautiful. Say thanks as you open your eyes, embrace the universe and all of God’s blessings. Enjoy every single day with what you have, not thinking of what’s lacking but excited for more rewards coming to your life.

Don’t just do it, Keep doing what’s right even if it doesn’t feel good and even if the results aren’t instant.

Advertise little and big success stories. Let your experience inspire yourself and others.

You can not do it alone, advertise with co-champions and share life’s lessons and celebrations, claim that life isn’t about you and me, but Us, in sync with the spirit and His words.

Recognize that the power, love and self-control comes from above and nothing comes out without the grace of God.

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